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Refund Policy

1. With our flowers quality and care instructions, our flowers should last at least around 5 days. However, we cannot guarantee that they last as expected, especially during the warmer months, and heating or draught environment.

2. If you find the flowers unsatisfactory, send us a photo to 0402 240 235 within 2 hours of our time of delivery.  There will be no refund if no communication is received within two (2) hours of delivery, due to the perishable nature of flowers upon exposure of undesirable elements of heat and draught.

3. There will be no refund or store credit available for complaints or  request for a refund after 5 working days.

4.  A proof of purchase is required showing the original Tax Invoice or other form of proof such as proof of payment.

5. There is no refund or replacement, without a photo of the original flowers and if the original flowers have been discarded.

6.  We reserves our rights to change this Refund Policy from time to time without prior given notice.

7.  A Claim Form including your Name, Address and Driver’s License Number will be required for requesting a claim.  A Claim Form can be requested by sending an email to sophia@sophiakueh.com.au.

The purpose of this form is to assist with the reporting of incidents of fraud to Victoria Police.   The information provided will assist with the investigation of your complaint; please ensure that all information provided is concise, accurate and factual.

8. If you cancel a flower order that has already been prepared, in transit or with our courier, and within 24 hours of scheduled delivery time, there is no refund, replacement or store credit at all.

9. Cancellations with more than 24 hours of scheduled delivery time, an administrative fee of 50% of transaction value applies for change of minds and the balance if any, credited back to your card, PayPal account or upon our discretion, and approval, by a cheque posted to your billing address.

10. All our wedding and special events flowers require advance payments in FULL two weeks before delivery date.

Once paid in full at any desired, it is a process of ordering, preparing and a continued commitment to serve your wedding flowers requirements, changes and a date marked in our diary just for you.  In reflection of all these efforts, time and resources set aside for your particular wedding, there is no refund or store credit for all Wedding Flowers payment.

Once weddings flowers are received, taken away or flowers set up at wedding reception and venues, you have accepted that we have done our absolute best according to the wedding flowers quote.

All wedding flowers are not returnable, not refundable and all monies paid are not allowed for store credit, replacements or in exchange for all of our other goods and services.