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Pricing Policy

Our website Prices are subject to change without notice. In-store and over the phone orders – prices may differ according to seasonal changes or availability.

We will substitute flowers to the same value when orders are taken on the day for same day delivery.  Therefore, pre-orders are always welcome to ensure the flowers stay the same as much as possible.

Prices displayed on this website are in Australian Dollars ($AUD) and are inclusive of 10% GST. Prices excluding GST are shown on page.

10% GST added onto price for individual product.

All flowers ordered online will be matched as closely as possible and an alternative flower of similar value will be used if a particular flower ordered is/are not available on the day.

If you call or come to our flower shop for an order, for example asking for a $70 bunch of flowers, you will get charged $77 for flowers,  plus 2.5% card surcharge/handling cost and $2 for little card and envelope.

On Sundays and public holidays,  flowers pick up, there will be a surcharge of 15%